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We have all thought about either doing it or receiving it. Find out more about anal sex toys and give anal sex a try in the safety and privacy of your own home. Anal Vibrating sextoys online.

Vibrating Sex Toys are the devices that are intended to stimulate and relax the body and mind. They come in various ranges of sizes and shapes. They can be used both externally and internally. The vibrators that are intended to be used internally are phallic in their shape. Small vibrators somehow may be having a stretchy loop attached to them. Anal sex toys are penetrative vibrators. Penetrative vibrators mostly measure about eleven to eighteen cm in its length. They are designed to match with the penis of a male. (read more)

There are several types of vibrating sex toys.
Anal Sex Toys: these are designed to be get inserted into the rectum. This helps in stimulating the prostate in males. The safest are having flared base that remains outside of the body. This prevents the toy from becoming irretrievable.
Bullet vibrators: these are small and shaped like bullets. They can be used directly for stimulation and could be inserted into any of the other sex toys so as to improvise the stimulation.
Luxury vibrators: they are properly designed and are made from expensive Materials.
G-spot vibrators: these are the curved vibrators. They are curved at one end. This facilitates the stimulation of the G-spot in females.
Rabbit vibrator: it is the most popular female sex toy. It comprises of an insertable shaft which gives additional functions like rotation and thrusting action. It is attached to a clitoral stimulator. For most of the vibrators, they come as "bunny ears" that sits of the clitoris.
Vibrator wands: they are the large vibrators. They are gently plug into any electrical outlet and are marketed as massagers. They are used to produce more powerful vibrations than any battery powered toys. They are made of several attachments like silicone rubber materials. Silicon is mostly soft and hypoallergenic. This warms up easily and quickly as per the body temperature. These are non-porous and easy to clean. This allows the toy to penetrate properly and give more pleasure to the user.

An anal sex toy is specifically a vibrator that is meant to provide sexual stimulation of the anus for both men and women. Basically all the anal vibrators are having one feature in common. They can produce an effect of vibration inside the rectum for more sensation and pleasure. The anal vibrating sextoys are different from any other vibrating sex toys as they are having a flared base that prevents possible loss inside the rectum. The size of any anal vibrator is smaller than any of the vibrators as it is intended for the vaginal penetration. The size varies from 4-6 inches and the width is about 1 inch. Vibrators are designed for internal and external stimulation. Vibrating anal toys produce several stimulating effects like vibrating, pulsating, rotating at various speeds.

Types of anal vibrators -
Anal probes are having vibrating effects. They are small that any usual butt plugs. They are about a size of finger. They are very useful for the beginners. Their main function is to vibrate and slide. They are narrower than any other probes.
Vibrating butt plugs are mostly meant to remain inside the anus that creates a fullness as well as vibrating stimulation at one instant of time. The main advantage of using this they can be left inside the anus so as to get the anal stimulation during the solo sex. It helps in receiving multiple enhancements
There are collection of a number of beads and balls joined together with a long retrievable cord with a power controller. They are not only used to insert or pull out, they can used to vibrate at several speeds

Cleaning: before using the anal sex toy one needs to clean the toy as well as the anus properly with Luke warm water and soap. One can even use enema kit for proper cleansing get any old bed sheet where one needs to lay down. This prevents the lubricants making the bed untidy. Some may use some trash bags to clean the intimate area immediately after using anal sex toys. While one is having anal sex one can keep condoms, finger cots etc. they can be used over the body parts or over the toys to have safer pleasure. This helps to keep a hygienic barrier and so as prevents infection. This also helps to clean up more easily after having pleasure. While using fingers one needs to be really conscious. One should clip all the fingernails and file the edges so as to ensure they remain smooth. Long nails could damage and also cause infections afterwards.

Lubricants are required. They are most important component of using a great lubricant that can't be neglected. They lubricate the sensitive area and prevent any damage to it. Lubricating the sensitive area may improvise the pleasure level to maximum extent. One should always remain conscious while having anal sex. One needs to be properly relaxed and aware of the movements. Rapid movements can cause damage to the partner. Start slowly with simple and small and thin probe toy. This helps in warming up and getting the partner into mood. One needs to warm up by using fingers to improvise the sensation.

Toys that are getting into the anus are required to have flared base. The base is required to be wide so as that it could get fully into the anus. This also prevents the toy from getting fully into the anus. Most of the anal beads are having strings to hold. The rings can be untied effectively so that toy won't have a base. Females don't have a prostate but men do. Most of women enjoy anal stimulation with a toy or partners penis in their vagina. One could find the prostate in a male by inserting finger and gently curling it in the naval direction.

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