LA Pump Rosebud Cylinder Oval

Anal Pump, Anal Cylinder, Anal Sex Toy, Rosebud

LA Pumps
Price: AU$250.00

The Rosebud Anal Pump Cylinder consists of a small diameter cylinder with a rod running down the center and extending outside the cylinder. You lube the rod and the end of the cylinder (use a good thick lube to provide a good seal), slide the rod into your anus until the end of the cylinder presses against your anus, and start to pump!

Available in only one size.  It is 6.5" long and 3" in diameter, and the rod is 10" long and 1" thick. May be difficult to use this cylinder is very difficult to use by yourself. It is much easier to use with a partner.


Available in Oval and Round.  This is the Oval version!


NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! You may order one here. . (The hose is included with the pump.)