Nalone Electro

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Price: AU$120.00

Nalone Electro

Intimacy is not all about orgasmic energy. Nalone's Electro full-body massage wand allows you to ease the pressure of daily life while stimulating every skin cell, every nerve ending, and every erotic zone. The secret is Electro Magnetic Pulse technology which is built into the head of the wand. Micro currents emit from the head and zap your body with intense pleasure.

This is more than a massage. This is a happy ending for every skin cell that touches the Nalone Electro! This is the perfect ending to a bad day and the perfect way to begin the best days of your life.

Select your speed. Select your vibration pattern. Massage yourself. Massage someone you love. Or, put the Electro in the hands of someone special and allow them to pleasure you in a new way. So many choices, so little time!

When you aren't in the mood for a relaxing massage, the Nalone Electro doubles as a powerful vibrator. Touch it to those pleasure zones and feel that orgasmic energy as it ripples through your body. There is no body part too sensitive for the Electro. From every inch of your body to every destination of your daily life, your travel-sized Electro wand can go anywhere.

With a dual motor, your secret wand has the power to take you to the height of orgasmic relief, but it also has the ability to soothe tired muscles and gently ease your mind of stress when used as a full-body massager. When it's time to tuck your secret away, the drawstring bag and luxurious satin-lined storage box will hide your playmate for another day.

The Nalone Electro is your secret to tension relief on every level.

Nalone sex toys are considered to be luxurious and beautifully designed. Why not check out the full range!

Electro Magnetic Pulse technology 14 stimulation settings – 7 in the head, 7 in the handle Rechargeable Dual motors ABS core with silky body safe silicone coat Ergonomic handle 100% waterproof 1-year manufacturer warranty