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Jelly Vibrators allow a little more give when using them so why not get the best innovative jelly sex toys online today at the vibrating sextoys shop Australia.

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Jelly Vibrators are made of rubber which is one of the cheapest materials used in making vibrating sextoys. Rubber can be colored and shaped to tast and has been widely used in making Jelly Vibrators for years. Recently they have become less popular with the advent of silicone but are still popular as they are so flexible and soft. Due to much confusion surrounding phthalates, chemicals which are added to rubber to make it flexible people were shying away from Jelly Vibes however not all rubber sex toys contain phthalates so always check our toy specifications to be sure.
Skin-safe rubber is now often used as a substitute for jelly rubber, offering similar properties but without phthalates. If you're going to use jelly sex toys, it is advisable to use protection such as condom when using and try not to store them together as different rubbers may react to each other.
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