Feeling Tidal 2 Vibrator Fuschia

Shower Fun, seamless design, ergonomic shape, whisper quiet

Price: AU$80.00

Created to be just as sexy as you are, our Feeling Tidal collection has a streamlined body covered with soft and smooth silicon to bring you deep, strong, rumbling stimulation. Furthermore, its round head is bumped to tickle your G-spot, offering some truly pleasant surprises. Feeling Tidal II is even more powerful and stronger than Feeling Tidal I. If you are looking for the most bold and thrilling vibe available, Feeling Tidal II is your perfect choice. Let your wonderful journey start with the unbelievable strong tidal wave.


The FEELING TIDAL 2 WATERSAFE VIBRATOR is a shower fun, whisper quiet vibrator with a seamless design and an ergonomic shape. This sex toy is designed to be as sexy as its users and has its streamlined body covered by smooth and soft silicon that brings you strong deep rumbling stimulation. In addition, it comes with a round head that tickle your G- spot and guarantee you some great and pleasant surprises.


The FEELING TIDAL WATERPROOF WIRELESS VIBRATOR has a strong motor and is also bath and shower safe. This vibrator is specially created for the sexy women wishing to have an awesome ‘me time and also enjoy sexy hours with your lovely partner. Bearing a unique design, this vibrator will make you feel the rising of sexy tides as you get all your crazy desires fulfilled in the best way possible.

 Product Specifications
Dimensions: 177mm*41mm*38mm
Run Time: Highest Speed-1hr30mins / Lowest Speed-2hrs
Battery: 550mAH Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
Motor: 2 Powerful & Quiet Motors


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Waterproof vibrators are specially sealed so that you can safely immerse them in water, safe in the knowledge that your vibrator won’t break because they are made with premium construction & materials. There is a vast array of choices in waterproof sex toys but you must make sure that you check to ensure that they are not just water-resistant or splash-proof. Most toys that are fully waterproofed do not have a seam and are created in one set mold.