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If you have been thinking of spicing up your bedroom with some sex toys but have no idea where to start, you should seriously consider getting finger and tongue vibrators. These two types of vibrating sextoys are particularly made for couples but the finger vibrator can definitely be used for solo sessions. They may be small but they have the capacity to elevate your sex life to a whole new level.


Finger Vibe Information


Finger and tongue vibrators usually come in a variety of different types. Tongue vibrators usually come in a ring form and are worn around the tongue like a ring while finger vibrators have a much wider variety.  When buying finger and tongue vibrators some of the things that you should consider include the size.  With tongue vibrators you want to make sure that it comfortably fits in the mouth and is not in any way constrictive or uncomfortable. The finger vibrator must also be well fitting so that you are able to control it better to help your partner achieve orgasm.

Most vibrators are either electric or they generate power from batteries. The biggest advantage of electric vibrators is the fact that they will have constant power and you do not live in fear that they will unexpectedly go off. However they also have the disadvantage of being limiting since you and your partner are limited to the extent of the length of the cord. Battery operated vibrators can be used anywhere making them more convenient for the adventurous couple but sadly they can unexpectedly die off during use if the batteries have not been charged.  These days many vibrating sex toys are also powered by rechargeable batteries that make it very handy indeed.

Some people do not like the feel of some materials on their skin while some people can be allergic to some types of material like latex. When getting any vibrating sex toys it important that you feel the texture of the vibrator and ensure that it is comfortable both for you and your partner. Now the sex toy market has become increasingly diverse and many companies have gotten into the business and this has made the prices of most sex toys to be quite competitive. This means that you can get a good, durable finger and tongue vibrators at affordable prices.

When buying any kind of vibrating sex toy, always test it out to see just how the vibrating noise. Some vibrators can be quite noisy perhaps because of the intensity of vibrations. Make sure you are comfortable with the vibrating noise so that you so not wake the neighbors or your family members during your sexual escapades.  Research has shown that many women who have had issues climaxing usually achieve orgasm when sex toys are introduced in their sex life. The fear that one party may become addicted to the sex toys is completely unfounded. Most people enjoy vibrating sex toys only with their partners because they enhance the sexual experience. Most people are looking to better their sex lives with their partners and not to replace their partners. In the case of finger and tongue vibrators, most are not penetrative and therefore cannot completely take over the position of a partner. These type of sex toys only help to compliment the sexual experience.



Finger and tongue vibrators make excellent gifts for your special partner. They speak volumes about how much you care for the other person and how much you want them to enjoy sex with you. It also shows that you are an adventurous person and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your partner sexually satisfied.  Another great thing about finger and tongue vibrators is the fact that they are simple to use and not too intrusive and this makes them great for first time sex toy users.

Sex toys can go a long way in improving your sex life. The first day of use may be slow and a little awkward because you will be figuring out what your partner likes and enjoys but once that phase is over, you and your partner will have end up having some of the best sex of your lives. One thing you must remember is that for you to enjoy any type of vibrating sex toys, you need to relax and have fun.

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